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USA Free Standard Shipping, Canada $14.99 & Worldwide $19.99


Toshiba CT-9950 Remote for 27A50 27A60 32A12 32A32 32A41 32A50 32A60 36A11 36A13

by Toshiba

Listed here we have a Toshiba CT-9950 TV Remote Control.
It can be used with the following models:
23306316, CF19H32, CF27H40, CF32H40, CF36H40, CL20H32, CL29H40, CL34H40, ct9950, CZ27T31, 27A50, 27A60, 27AF41, 27AF42, 32A12, 32A12A, 32A32, 32A32A, 32A41, 32A42, 32A42A, 32A50, 32A60, 32AF13, 32AF41, 32AF42, 34AS41, 34AS42, 36A11, 36A13, 36A41, 36A42, 36A50, 36A60, 36AF13, 36AF41, 36AF42, 43A1043A10R, 50A11, 50A50, 50A50R, CE27H50, CF27H50, CF32H50, CF36H50, CN36H50

It is in Great Working Condition with only a few scuffs and scratches from previous use.