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Toshiba CT-90302 TV VCR Remote Control for 42AV500U 37RV530U 32CV510U 40RV52U

by Toshiba

Toshiba CT-90302 TV VCR Remote Control

Brand: Toshiba

Model: CT-90302


  • This Original OEM Toshiba CT-90302 TV VCR Remote Control works with the following models: 19AV500, 19AV501, 19AV51U, 22AV500, 26AV500, 26AV502, 26AV502RY, 26AV502RZ, 26AV502U, 26AV50U, 26AV52, 26AV52R, 26AV52RZ, 26AV52U, 26HL47, 26HL67, 26LV47, 26LV67, 32AV50, 32AV500, 32AV50, 32AV52, 32AV52R, 32AV52RZ, 32CV510, 32HL17, 32HL37, 32HL67, 32HL67U, 32LV17, 32LV37, 32LV67, 32LV67U, 32RV525, 32RV525R, 32RV525RZ, 32RV530, 37AV50, 37AV500, 37AV502, 37AV502R, 37AV502U, 37AV50U, 37AV52, 37AV52R, 37AV52U, 37CV510, 37HL17, 37HL67, 37RV525R, 37RV530, 37RV530U, 40G300, 40G300U 40R525, 40RV52, 40RV525, 40RV525R, 40RV525RZ, 40RV525U, 40RV52R, 40RV52U, 40XV640U, 40XV645U, 40XV648U, 42AV500, 42HL117, 42HL17, 42HL67, 42HL67U, 42HL67US, 42RV530, 42RV530U, 42RV535, 42RV535U, 46G300, 46G300U, 46RV525, 46RV525R, 46RV525RM, 46RV525RZ, 46RV525U, 46RV53, 46RV530, 46RV535, 46RV535U, 46RV53C, 46RV560, 46XV640, 46XV640U, 46XV640UZ, 46XV645, 46XV645U, 46XV648, 50HM67, 52RV53, 52RV530, 52RV530U, 52RV53, 52XV645, 52XV648, 55G300, 55G300U, 57HM117, 57HM167, 65HM117, 65HM167
  • The remote you receive will in most cases be the one pictured unless part of a multiple quantity listing. 
  • All of our remotes are cleaned, sterilized and every function tested to ensure your satisfaction. 
  • Our remotes are previously used and are considered to be in Great Working Condition with only a few scuffs and scratches from previous use.
  • All of our remotes have their battery covers unless stated otherwise.
  • Batteries & Manual are NOT included

Customer Reviews

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terry rix

Awesome service and product

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