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Sansui 076N0EA050 TV VCR Remote - VHSA6741CTB2 VHSA6741CTBE VHSA6741CT

by Sansui

Sansui 076N0EA050 TV VCR Remote Control

  • The Sansui 076N0EA050 TV VCR Remote Control works with the following Sansui VCR models: VHSA6741CTB2, VHSA6741CTBE, VHSA6741CT.
  • The remote you receive will be the one pictured unless part of a multiple quantity listing 
  • All of our remotes are cleaned, sterilized and every function tested
  • Our remotes are previously used and in Great Working Condition with only a few scuffs and scratches from previous use
  • All of our remotes have their battery covers
  • Batteries & Manual not included
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Joseph Mangiaracina Jr.
Fantastic remote!

I had gotten this remote for my 69 year old Dad, as he still uses a Sansui VCR he has for what seems like forever. The VCR works and plays all his VHS movies just fine but the remote was another story. He had wore the buttons down plus he had dropped it alot. I was scouring the net for a replacement and this site offered the best price and great guarantee and a great picture of what I would receive.

Come to find out, the remote looked WAY better than the picture and the remote arrived VERY fast in the mail...I had my Dad open the package and he was looked absolutely brand new! I got a text from my Dad thanking me for getting it and the remote works fantastic.

Thank you for making my Dad's day. I told my Dad if you need remotes for anything else, let me know...and this site will be the very first place I look for it! Thank you very much again...I highly recommend anyone reading this to give these guys your won't be disappointed!👏

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