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Samsung BN59-00678A TV Remote Control

by Samsung

Samsung BN59-00678A TV Remote Control

Brand: Samsung 

Model: BN59-00678A 


  • This Original OEM Samsung BN59-00678A TV Remote Control works with the following models: HL61A510J1F HL67A510 HL67A510J1F HL67A510J1FXZA LN19A330 LN19A330J1D LN19A330J1DXZA LN19A330J1DXZC LN19A330J1DXZX LN19A330J1H LN19A330J1HXZA LN19A450 LN19A450C1D LN19A450C1DXZA LN19A450C1DXZC LN19A450C1DXZX LN19A650A1D LN19A650A1DXZA LN19A650A1DXZX LN22A330J1D LN22A330J1DXZC LN22A450C1 LN22A450 LN22A450C1D LN22A450C1DXZA LN22A450C1DXZC LN22A450C1DXZX LN22A450C1H LN22A450C1HXZA LN22A450C1XRL LN22A450C1XSR LN22A450C1XZB LN22A450C1XZL LN22A450C1XZP LN22A650A1D LN26A330J1 LN26A330J1D LN32A300 LN32A300J1D LN32A300J1DXZA LN32A330J1 LN32A330J1D LN32A330J1N LN37A330 LN37A330J1D LN37A330J1DXZA LN37A330J1DXZC LN37A330J1DXZX LN40A330J1 LN40A330J1D LS20TDNSUV/ZA LS22TDNSUV/ZA LS23CFUKFYD LS23CFUKFV/ZA LS24TDNSUV/D LS24TDNSUV/ZA LS26TDNSUV/ZA PL42A410C1D PL42A410C1DXZX PL42A410C2D PL42A410C2DXZX PL50A410C1D PL50A410C1DXZX PN42A400 PN42A400C2D PN42A400C2DXZA PN42A410 PN42A410C1D PN42A410C1DXZA PN42A410C1DXZC PN50A400C2D PN50A400C2DXZA PN50A410 PN50A410C1D PN50A410C1DXZA PN50A410C1DXZC T200HD T220HD T240HD T260HD BN5900678A LS20TDNSUVZA LS22TDNSUVZA LS23CFUKFVZA LS24TDNSUVD LS24TDNSUVZA LS26TDNSUVZA
  • The remote you receive will be the one pictured unless part of a multiple quantity listing
  • Our Remote Controls are OEM Original Remotes from their Original Manufacturer. These remotes came with the original factory equipment they were intended for and are not reproductions
  • All of our remotes are cleaned, sterilized and every function tested
  • Our remotes are previously used and in Great Working Condition with only a few scuffs and scratches from previous use
  • All of our remotes have their battery covers unless stated otherwise
  • Batteries & Manual not included
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
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