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Philips RC19335027/01 TV Remote Control

by Philips

Philips RC19335027/01 TV Remote Control

Brand: Philips

Model: RC19335027/01


  • This Original OEM Philips RC19335027/01 TV Remote Control works with the following models: 26HF5544D, 26HF5544D/27, 26HF5544D/27B, 26HF5545D, 26HF5545D/27, 26HF5545D/27B, 26HF7945D, 26HF7945D/27, 26HF7945D/27B, 26HF7955H, 26HF7955H/27, 26HF7955H/27B, 26HFL5561L/27, 26HFL5561V/27, 26HFL5830D, 26HFL5830D/27, 26HFL5830D/27B, 26HW9100D, 26HW9100D/27, 26HW9100D/27B, 27HT4000D, 27HT4000D/27, 27HT4000D/27B, 27HT4000D27, 27HT7210D, 27HT7210D/27, 27HT7210D/27B, 27HT7210D27, 30HW9100D, 30HW9100D/27, 30HW9100D/27B, 30HW9100D27, 313923812541, 32HF5545D, 32HF5545D/27, 32HF5545D/27B, 32HF7543, 32HF7543/37, 32HF7543/37B, 32HF754337, 32HF7544D, 32HF7544D/27, 32HF7544D/27B, 32HF7945D, 32HF7945D/27, 32HF7945D/27B, 32HF7955H, 32HF7955H/27, 32HF7955H/27B, 32HF7965D, 32HF7965D/27, 32HF7965D/27B, 32HF7965D/27E, 32HFL4461F, 32HFL4461F/27, 32HFL5460D, 32HFL5460D/27, 32HFL5460S, 32HFL5460S/27, 32HFL5561D/27, 32HFL5561L/27, 32HFL5561V/27, 32HFL5860D, 32HFL5860D/27, 32HFL5860D/27B, 32HFL5860H, 32HFL5860H/27, 32HFL5860H/27B, 37HF7543, 37HF7543/37, 37HF7543/37B, 37HF754337, 37HF7544D, 37HF7544D/27, 37HF7544D/27B, 37HFL5560D, 37HFL5560D/27, 37HFL5560D/27B, 37HFL5581D/27, 37HFL5581L/27, 37HFL5581V/27, 42HF7543, 42HF7543/37, 42HF7543/37B, 42HF754337, 42HF7544D, 42HF7544D/27, 42HF7544D/27B, 42HF7544D27, 42HF7544R, 42HF7544R/27, 42HF7544R/27B, 42HF7945D, 42HF7945D/27, 42HF7945D/27B, 42HFL5581L/27, 42HFL5581V/27, 42HFL5860D, 42HFL5860D/27, 42HFL5860D/27B, 42HFL5860D/27B, 42HFL5860L, 42HFL5860L/27, 42HFL7580A, 42HFL7580A/27, 42MF237S, 52HFL5580D, 52HFL5580D/27, 52HFL5581L/27, 52HFL5581V/27
  • The remote you receive will be the one pictured unless part of a multiple quantity listing
  • Our Remote Controls are OEM Original Remotes from their Original Manufacturer. These remotes came with the original factory equipment they were intended for and are not reproductions
  • All of our remotes are cleaned, sterilized and every function tested
  • Our remotes are previously used and in Great Working Condition with only a few scuffs and scratches from previous use
  • All of our remotes have their battery covers unless stated otherwise
  • Batteries & Manual not included
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Customer Reviews

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    Lynn Cox
    Philips Remote

    Great Price Fast Shipping. Recommend this company for replacement of your broken/ non working remote controls

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