Panasonic N2QAEC000003 Video Camera Remote Control for DVX100B MiniDV

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Panasonic N2QAEC000003 Video Camera Remote Control 

Brand: Panasonic

Model: N2QAEC000003 


• This Original Panasonic N2QAEC000003 Video Camera Remote Control works with the following models: AGDVC7, AGDVX100, AGEZ50, AGEZ50U, N2QAE00003, N2QAEC000003, N2QCBD000030, NVDS88EG, NVDS89EG, NVGS5KR, NVMD9000EN, NVMX1EG, NVMX350EG, NVMX3EN, NVMX7KR, PVDC152, PVDC152D, PVDC152K, PVDC252, PVDC252D, PVDC252K, PVDC352, PVDC352D, PVDC352K, PVDV582D, PVDV851, PVDV851D, PVDV852, PVDV852D, PVDV901, PVDV901D, PVDV951, PVDV951D, PVDV952, PVDV952D, PVDV953, PVDV953D, PVGS50D, PVGS50S, PVGS50SD, PVGS50SK, PVGS70, PVGS70D, PVVM202, PVVM202D
• The remote you receive will be the one pictured unless part of a multiple quantity listing
• Our Remote Controls are OEM Original Remotes from their Original Manufaturer. These remotes came with the original factory equipment they were intended for and are not reproductions
• All of our remotes are cleaned, sterilized and every function tested
• Our remotes are previously used and in Great Working Condition with only a few scuffs and scratches from previous use
• All of our remotes have their battery covers
• Batteries & Manual not included
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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