Samsung Remote Control 10536B for Samsung Camcorders

by Samsung
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Listed here we have a Samsung Remote Control 10536B for Samsung Camcorders.

This Remote Control will work with several Samsung Camcorder Models such as:

CA23, SCA20, SCA23/XAA, SCA25, SCA25/XAA, SCA33, SCA33/XAA, SCA35, SCA35/XAA, SCA80, SCA80/XAA, SCA85, SCA85/XAA, SCA85M, SCA85M/XAA, SCL100, SCL100/XAA, SCL100/XAP, SCL100SL, SCL150, SCL150/XAA, SCL150/XAP, SCL320, SCL320/XAA, SCL330, SCL330/XAA, SCL350, SCL350/XAA, SCL530, SCL530/XAA, SCL540, SCL540/XAA, SCL550, SCL550/XAA, SCL800, SCL800/XAA, SCL850, SCL850/XAA, SCM52, SCM52/XAA, SCM53, SCM53/XAA, SCA23, SCL310, AD5910536B, etc.

The remote is in Excellent Used Condition with only a few scuffs and scratches from previous use.


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