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JVC RM-C745 TV VCR Remote Control

by JVC

JVC RM-C745 TV VCR Remote for models:

27850, A36850, AAV27850, AB32850, AD27850, AN36850, AU32770, AU32850, AU14KG21, AV16N8, AV20020, AV20021, AV20920, AV20921, AV27015, AV27020, AV2785, AV27850, AV27920, AV27CM4, AV28750, AV32015A, AV320501, AV32850, AV32850A, AV336850, AV3280, AV3570, AV3650, AV3685, AV368500, AV36850U, AV36D5, AV37850, AV729489, AV82850, AVG36850, AV27720, AZ27850, AZV32850, C13010, C13011, C13911, C20010, GZHD10US, HDZ56RX5, KV32XBR48, LC46LE835U, LT32E710, TM2099, RMC745, RMC745C, V27850US1.

It is in Great Working Condition with only a few scuffs and scratches from previous use.

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