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Xfinity Comcast XR2 Remote Control Code List and User's Manual

Program your Xfinity Comcast XR2 Remote Control correctly with this guide. This manual will give you everything you need to program your remote to take advantage of all of its features. 

Xfinity XR2 Remote Control

Follow these instructions to use your XR2 to operate multimedia devices such as:

  • TV
  • Surround Sound
  • AVRs
  • Sound Bars
  • DTA Box

Program Your Xfinity XR2 Remote in 5 Easy Steps

Follow these steps to program your Xfinity XR2 Remote to your TV:

  1. Turn On Your TV: Make sure you turn your TV on before starting the programming process.
  2. Enter Setup Mode: Press and hold the "Setup" button on your XR2 Remote. Wait for the "All Power" button to change from red to green.
  3. Input TV Code: Enter the five-digit code for your TV brand. This code can be found in your remote's manual or you can find it in the link below.
  4. Test the Remote: Point your remote at the TV and press the "Power" button. If the TV turns off, the programming worked correctly.
  5. Repeat if Necessary: If the first code doesn't work, repeat the process with the next code listed for your TV brand.

Troubleshooting an Xfinity Remote That's Not Working with Your TV

If your Xfinity remote isn't working when you try to control your TV, use these tips to try to fix it:

  1. Check for Obstructions: Make sure there's a clear path between the remote and the TV's IR sensor.
  2. Inspect the Batteries: Replace your batteries with new ones and make sure they're inserted correctly.
  3. Remote Pairing: If you've recently replaced batteries or there was a power outage, your remote may need to re-program your remote to your TV
  4. Button Responsiveness: If certain buttons aren't working, try cleaning the remote or resetting it to factory settings.
  5. Interference: Other electronic devices can interfere with the signal. Move them away from your TV and remote.
  6. Remote Reset: Sometimes, resetting your remote can help fix the issue. Press the setup button until the LED changes from red to green, then enter 9-8-1. You will have to re-program the remote to your TV after resetting it

To access the code list check out Xfinity's Online Guide to find the correct code for your device.

Get the User's Manual and Code List in English and Spanish here:


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