Vizio TV Remote Codes and User's Manual for the XRT122 Universal Remote Control for e-series TVs

Vizio Universal Remote Codes & Program Instructions

Vizio XTR122 TV Remote Control

The Vizio TV remote codes for the Vizio XRT122 Remote Control can be found in a pdf download at the bottom of this article. The Vizio XRT122 Remote Control is easy to program to your devices simply by using the setup button and one code for each device. We'll show you how to program your Vizio Remote Control to program the following devices: Cable TV, Cable Box, VCR, DVD and Audio Device. Just use the following instructions. 

Vizio XRT122 Remote Control Programming Instructions

The Vizio XRT122 Remote Control is a comprehensive universal remote control. The buttons for this remote are carefully labeled and also come with a handy set of TV codes that you can program into your remote.

Look below to find the codes that correspond to your specific type of TV, or just search the code list found at the bottom of this article. In order to use these codes on your Vizio XRT122 remote control, just hold down the Vizio logo key button and enter one of these programming codes on the number pad on the remote.

Each new code will make your Vizio TV turn on and go to its corresponding channel.

Note: If the Vizio TV is not responding, or codes are not working, try to use one of the alternative Vizio TV remote codes.

If multiple Vizio TV models are listed in your code list, try all codes for each model before giving up. Sometimes the factory-set Vizio TV codes will work with all Vizio tv models with a certain name.

To program the Vizio XRT122 Remote for your Vizio TV: Find your Vizio model in the code list below, or search for it. Find and note down the 3 digit number code that corresponds with your Vizio model (for example, press and hold the Vizio logo key on your Vizio XRT122 remote control and enter '325'). Press the TV Power button on your Vizio XRT122 Universal Remote Control. Press the number pad 5 key (the one with an asterisk) which will change your Vizio universal remote to Vizio TV mode, so that it can program in Vizio codes correctly. Enter the 3 digit number code for your Vizio TV model. For example, if the Vizio TV model is a Vizio E420i-A1 enter '325' into the keypad of your remote control and press the OK button to confirm your entry. If your Vizio TV starts up and goes to its correct channel, programing has been successful! If not, try one of the alternative Vizio TV remote codes.

It is important to note that you will never need to program in Vizio tv remote codes again. Once programming has been successful, your Vizio XRT122 Remote Control has memorized the code permanently for this Vizio model. You will only need to repeat this process with a new replacement remote.

Vizio XRT122 Code List

This is the Vizio XRT122 code list. Each Vizio TV model has a corresponding 3-digit Vizio remote code. If your Vizio XRT122 Remote Control won't program one of these codes, try one of the alternative Vizio TV remote codes that are listed below this Vizio universal remote control code list.

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