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USA Free Standard Shipping, Canada $14.99 & Worldwide $19.99


Spectrum URC1160 Remote Control Manual and Code List


Welcome to your new remote control guide! This remote lets you control your TV and sounds. Here's what you get with it:

  • Remote Control
  • 2 Batteries
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual (you can download it)

What Can It Do?

Feature What It Does
Easy to Use All buttons work with your Cable TV Box except four.
All-Power Button Turns on/off all things connected.
Volume Lock You can lock volume buttons.
Light-Up Buttons Buttons light up in the dark.
Quickset Finds devices that work with your Smart TV.
Spectrum URC1160 Remote Control

How to Set Up Your Remote

Setting up your remote is easy:

  1. Hold MENU and OK until the INPUT key blinks twice.
  2. Enter the code from CodeFinder.
  3. Test the remote with your device. If it doesn't work, try again.

What Do the Buttons Do?

Here's what each button on the remote does:

  • TV POWER: Turns TV on/off
  • INPUT: Changes video inputs
  • ALL POWER: Turns on the TV and set-top box
  • RECORD: Press to record a program

How Do I Program my URC1160 Remote?

  1. Ensure your TV is on before starting to program
  2. Press and hold both the "MENU" and "OK" keys on your remote. Wait until the INPUT key blinks twice. This will indicate that the remote is ready to program.
  3. Tap the "TV Power" key once to prompt the remote to automatically search for the correct code.
  4. Wait for the TV to turn off, then release the digit key to confirm the code

Need Help?

If your remote isn't working, try these:

More Stuff

You can download the manual here.

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Downloadable pdf User Manual

Below is a downloadable version of the user manual for the Spectrum URC1160 Remote Control:


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