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Samsung BN59-1301A TV Remote Control User's Manual

This User's Manual on how to use your Samsung BN59-01301A TV Remote Control will help you in selecting the right buttons for your television and changes settings with just the touch of a button. Samsung designs products that respond faster than others to provide an extraordinary user experience, as well as video content for when its owners are away from home using Samsung Services available worldwide. You can customize TV channels for easy access just by entering your cable or satellite provider details

This Samsung BN59-01301A wirelessly communicates directly with your Samsung TV through a proprietary Samsung protocol. There are no IR wireless devices in the signals for control and commands to be picked up by other televisions, so it can only be used with Samsung TVs or other company's television that is compatible will all Samsung remote devices using this type of controller and signal

This contains comprehensive instructions on how to use the Samsung BN59-01301A TV Remote Control alongside a Samsung Television. A list of keys on the Remote Controller and their function is also included to help you customize controls for greater efficiency

The remote features an advanced text input keyboard that allows you to input text for Samsung Apps that need it. The Samsung BN59-01301A remote also allows the use of Samsung Mobile phones as a second remote control (if your Samsung TV is compatible)

Samsung does not officially support the Samsung BN59-01301A TV Remote Control being used with other company's television sets, but it is known to work with: Samsung, Vizio, and Panasonic.

There are also Samsung BN59-01301A Remote Controls specifically for Samsung Smart Cable TV Boxes that have Samsung Apps installed (Smart TVs).

Get the downloadable Samsung BN59-01301A TV Remote Control Manual below:


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Samsung BN59-01301A TV Remote Control

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