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USA Free Standard Shipping, Canada $14.99 & Worldwide $19.99


Dish 54.0 Voice Command Remote Control for Hopper User's Manual/Guide

Learn how to program your Dish 54.0 Voice Command Universal Remote Control Manual with this manual and start up guide. This manual will teach you how to operate your DISH 54.0 Voice Command Remote and use all of its functions.


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Dish 54.0 Voice Command Universal Control Manual

Demystify your DISH 54.0 Hopper Voice Command Universal Remote Control with the manual for this feature-rich remote control. 

Learn how to use the remote's features such as:

  • Voice Command - Navigate your Hopper using voice commands to find your programming, tune into channels, record TV programs, etc.
  • Remote Finder - Program this function to press a button on the front of your receiver to find your remote
  • Customizable Buttons - Program your remote to do what you want it to with one click. Turn on Closed Captioning, PIP Picture-in-Picture, Record Programs, Launch Netflix, etc.
  • Backlighting - No more struggling to see in the dark. This feature can be programmed to light up your keyboard when picking up your remote, moving it or shaking it in a dark room

Ge the manual for your DISH 54.0 Hopper Universal Voice Command Remote Control here: