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What Should I Do with My Old and Broken Remote Controls?

What Should I Do with My Old and Broken Remote Controls?

If you're like most people I know you have a few remote controls laying around that you haven't used in a while. These remotes take up valuable space and do you little good. Please don’t throw these remotes in the trash. Believe it or not, they could still be useful. Today we’re going to help you fix that clutter and make a positive impact on the environment. 

Donate Your Used Remote Controls

Your used remote controls may seem worthless to you, but there are many people that still could use them. You’d be surprised how many people still use VCRs, DVD Players, older model TVs, and Audio Systems. These people need your remotes! 

A simple search on Google for “Thrift Stores Near Me” will bring up many places where you could bring your unwanted remote controls. Please make sure that your remote control is still functioning. Here is a guide to show you how to test your remote control. Thrift Stores conduct their business on selling used items. They can’t sell items that do not work and it will cost them money to get rid of them. So please check that they work first!

Thrift Stores also take many other used or unwanted items that could provide value to others. Goodwill and Salvation Army Stores will gladly accept these donations. These companies use the money from their sales to help the needy. On your next cleaning day grab these items and head down to your local thrift store to donate them. This keeps them out of the waste stream, and helps needy families!

Bring your Broken Remote Controls to an Electronics Recycling Center

If you’ve tested your remote control by using the method stated above and you’re confident that your remote control is junk, you should bring it to an electronics recycling center. Many Transfer Stations nowadays have electronics recycling areas within them. Check with your local transfer station before bringing them there to make sure they accept them.

Before taking your old broken remote control to an electronics recycling center, please remember to remove your batteries! Millions of batteries end up in the waste stream this way and are terrible for the environment. Most decent Electronics Recycling Centers should separate these out, but that’s a chance that you shouldn’t take. Here is a guide on what to do with your old batteries. 

If your local transfer station doesn’t accept e-waste or it is inconvenient for you to get there, there are many other electronics recycling centers out there. A search for “Electronics Recycling Center Near Me” should give you a list of places to drop off your old junk remotes.


This guide was created to help you either find a new purpose for your remote control or discard it if it is no longer working. Here is a brief review of our recommendations:

  • Test your remote control to make sure it is functioning properly
  • Donate your remote control if it is still working
  • Remove the batteries from your remote control
  • Bring broken remote controls to an electronics recycling facility

If you’d like to know more about our recycling program or need help with finding a replacement remote control feel free to contact us at Best Deal Remotes!

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