SKYTECH SKY-MRCK Fireplace Remote Control w/ Flame Adjustment for Servo Valve

by Skytech
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SKYTECH SKY-MRCK Fireplace Remote Control w/ Flame Adjustment for Servo Valve




The MRCK (SR-1001) Fireplace Remote Control with Flame Adjustment for Servo Motor Gas Valves by Skytech provides wireless control of a gas heating fireplace with the simple click of a button. The remote control transmitter runs on (1) 12V battery that operates a 2 button ON-HI/LOW-OFF interface to communicate wirelessly to a receiver that operates on (4) AA batteries. The receiver connects to a DC servo motor. Enjoy the ambience of a cozy fire, and control the intensity of its flame without sacrificing the comfort of your seat using this fireplace remote control from Skytech. See picture above for servo valve connection point.


  • The battery powered R.F. transmitter and receiver give wireless remote control to a gas fireplace
  • 2-Button ON-HI/LOW-OFF interface provides simple controls of a connected fireplace, and the intensity of the appliance's flame
  • Flame modulating receiver allows variance in the flame's intensity
  • 65,536 Security codes allow user to choose the best option to suit their need
  • Battery powered receiver with learn function, connects to a DC servo motor, has 20 foot range, and can learn up to (2) additional Skytech remotes; also allows manual control of fireplace with On/Remote/Off settings
  • Built-in Thermistor recognizes whenever the ambient temperature reaches 130 °F and automatically shuts the power off to the appliance, preventing damage from excessive heat
  • Receiver box comes factory programmed to provide continuous DC voltage (4.5 VDC to 6.0 VDC) to a servomotor
  • Includes - transmitter remote, receiver box, RS-1 black receiver cover, wall clip, wires with connectors, batteries, and instruction manual

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